To enable the creation of dynamic groups but allow SharePoint users to view them as static groups, Radiant Logic is now offering ID-Connect. It’s a Web part that offers a Web and social networking-based interface to help administrators “people pick,” said Dieter Schuller, vice president of sales and business development at Radiant Logic.

A pain point is going through 100,000 employees to add to a static group, Schuller said. But ID-Connect simplifies the task by helping administrators select groups by attributes, such as by job title. SharePoint will then connect to the directory for group information and identities, but behind the scenes, ID-Connect becomes a dynamic directory, he said.

ID-Connect also enhances SharePoint’s white pages function by collecting information that exists in different silos in an organization, as well as displaying the information in a comprehensive profile using its profile management function, Schuller said. Also, if any changes are made to a profile, the changes are automatically reflected in all back ends.

The company also introduced a Web-based application, Context Browser, that helps users find contextually relevant information through keyword searches in an enterprise’s structured data.