Rally, a leader in the management of Agile software development, adds new and enhanced capabilities to its platform and solutions to meet the unique and evolving needs of global organizations. Since its last product announcement in May 2012, Rally made significant additions to both its enterprise-class platform and to Rally Portfolio Manager to easily configure and extend its solutions, and to bridge the gap between business leaders and development teams.

“Rally Portfolio Manager has helped our business spend less time in the weeds and more time on strategy. We are now able to look well beyond the next couple of iterations and have realistic roadmaps tied to real-time status updates from our development teams,” said Matt Weir, Enterprise Agile Development Consultant and Coach at Level 3 Communications. “The added visibility and feedback loops that Rally provides allows us to respond and change quickly and to stay focused on continuously delivering the highest value features to our customers.”

Enhancements to Rally’s enterprise-class platform enable customers to customize and extend functionality for creating a single system of record and enabling decision-making across global development organizations. Rally’s ability to continuously release allows quick implementation of customer-requested enhancements, resulting in new and enhanced features in three main areas:
• usability – An expanded library of keyboard shortcuts, the ability to copy tasks within a user story, defect, defect suite or test set, and section 508 compliance enhance the Rally user experience.
• productivity – The ability to split tasks, defects and test cases from one story into two stories helps users efficiently manage unfinished work, and a new bulk editing feature makes it easier to search and quickly edit multiple items.
• scalability – New functionality, like project-level show/hide custom fields, helps scale Agile practices in global organizations with complex portfolios and thousands of developers.

Rally continues to evolve and invest in Rally Portfolio Manager, the industry’s first Agile Portfolio Management solution, to enable customers to deliver the benefits of Agile practices to strategic roadmap and portfolio planning levels. Built on Rally’s enterprise-class platform, Rally Portfolio Manager expands its capabilities in three areas:
• cost management – Rally’s acquisition of Agile Advantage will add integrated, business-level cost forecasting, measurement and tracking to Rally Portfolio Manager.
• portfolio reporting – New delivery trend charts, including portfolio burnup and cumulative flow diagrams, track delivery trends, facilitate realistic performance targets and demonstrate achievable improvement plans.
• portfolio tracking and visualization – Dynamic/customizable roadmap timelines, portfolio Kanban boards and requirements hierarchy tree displays promote discipline to project prioritization, facilitate business communication and enable delivery of high-value projects.

“Rally is committed to using Agile planning and delivery to constantly update and improve our platform and solutions with customer-validated functionality,” said Rally’s VP of Products, Todd Olson. “Over the past 10 years, we’ve enabled our customers to infuse Agile practices throughout their businesses to produce higher-quality software that better meets customer expectations and to determine where to steer technology investments for higher returns.”

Pricing and Availability
Rally’s enterprise-class platform is available in cloud-based or on-premise deployment models. New features and enhancements are available in Rally Unlimited Edition, which supports unlimited users and projects and is available for $49/user/month. Rally Unlimited Edition is built for large organizations and offers Rally’s full set of capabilities for managing the entire software lifecycle, including Idea Management, Agile Portfolio Management, and Time and Cost Management. For detailed product capabilities, see Rally’s Edition Comparison guide.