Red Gate Software, the database and .NET tooling company, today announced a new focus for its products: Database Lifecycle Management (DLM), the database component of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Simon Galbraith, Red Gate CEO, said, “With DLM, we want to make the database a first-class citizen in the ALM process.

“Developers and DBAs will be able to treat databases just like any other part of the application. That includes adopting modern development processes, such as continuous integration and continuous delivery, to ship often, and ship safe.

“We’re just a few months away from releasing a full suite of tools that make this possible. Crucially for developers and DBAs, these tools will plug into whatever architecture they’re already using for ALM.

“For example, we have three engineering teams – about 60 people – working on database integration for tools from other ALM vendors: Octopus Deploy, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Atlassian Bamboo, and JetBrains TeamCity.

“We plan to partner with other vendors in the ALM space to take this further.”

David Atkinson, Red Gate Product Strategist, said, “Building tools that work with existing architecture will make adoption easier for our users and give them flexibility in what they use.

“They can adopt a single tool to address a particular pain point, like source controlling their database, a group of tools to deliver processes such as continuous integration, or every tool to enable true DLM.”