Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced OpenShift Commons, a new open source community initiative to collaborate and deepen engagement with OpenShift, Red Hat’s open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, and the open source technologies that OpenShift is built upon. OpenShift Commons extends beyond companies with active OpenShift deployments and embraces other open source technology communities, organizations and ecosystem partners from a variety of disciplines that intersect with PaaS, all committed to the open source model and PaaS innovation.

Red Hat launches OpenShift Commons with active participation from users, contributors, operators, customers, partners, and service providers from more than 30 global organizations, including Amadeus, AppDirect, Cisco, Dell, Docker, Getup Cloud and Shippable.

OpenShift by Red Hat incorporates several best-of-breed open source technologies, including OpenShift Origin, Docker, Kubernetes, Project Atomic, and more. OpenShift Commons uniquely brings together these communities and is designed to facilitate sharing of knowledge, feedback and insights into best practices across the OpenShift ecosystem and enable collaboration on the dependencies that can best advance open source PaaS.

OpenShift Commons operates under a shared goal to move conversations beyond code contribution and explore best practices, use cases, and patterns that work in today’s continuous delivery and agile software environments. For companies not yet deploying OpenShift, OpenShift Commons can help connect them to large scale delivery experts in the context of other common open source projects, including Docker, Kubernetes and Project Atomic. There is no Contributor License Agreement, code contribution requirement or fees to join, just a commitment to collaborate on the new PaaS stack.

OpenShift Commons offers several ways for participants to collaborate, including:

  • Special Interest Groups on various areas of PaaS innovation, such as containers, OpenShift 3, and PaaS operations.
  • Commons Briefings led by participant organizations and OpenShift team members on a wide range of topics, including DevOps best practices, containerization, PaaS operations, container networking and storage, OpenShift on OpenStack, and big data.
  • Commons mailing lists on several topics, encouraging participants to join the conversation.