Reltio, the enterprise data-driven applications and modern data management Platform as a Service (PaaS) company, today announced the upcoming release of Reltio Cloud 2017.1, the newest iteration of the market-leading platform that enables enterprise data-driven applications with reliable master data, relevant big data insights, and intelligent recommended actions. This major release adds new integration, collaboration, and globalization capabilities at massive scale, meeting the increasing demand for agile IT data management to deliver real-time operational execution and analytical insight to frontline business users.

“Digital transformation and personalized customer experience is driving rapid internal IT change,” said Eric Newmark, Program Vice President of SaaS, Industry Cloud, and Digital Business Models, at IDC Research. “IT buyers are shifting steadily toward cloud-first strategies. Traditional IT approaches are often too slow for line-of-business executives. Reltio Cloud is an example of a modern data management Platform as a Service, with the next generation of data-driven applications, that can enable both IT and business to execute with speed, agility, and continuous innovation.”

Limitless Scale
Reltio Cloud continues to manage enterprise data at scale, achieving the following product milestones:

  • Hundreds of terabytes of enterprise data are under management
  • Billions of multi-domain entities and relationships are managed in polygot storage across Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, graph stores, Elasticsearch, and other technologies
  • Tens of millions of real-time API calls are made each day, including support for sales and marketing teams accessing data via browser-based UI desktop and mobile business users, real-time synchronization to operational third-party applications, and analytical environments
  • 99.95% operational SLAs with high availability and built-in disaster recovery are provided, which would normally be the responsibility of in-house IT teams using on premise tools

Reltio Cloud 2017.1 is in preview today, and being used for enterprise-wide digital transformation business initiatives, which includes powering mission-critical, real-time operational applications, enabling cross-functional business initiatives. Unlike legacy systems that have a distinction between batch and real-time modes, Reltio’s APIs and microservices are completely real-time, ensuring that data is available as soon as the user needs it.

The new Reltio Cloud 2017.1 release also offers out-of-the-box connectivity using SnapLogic and Dun & Bradstreet for easy data integration, powering account relationship management solutions and enriched account data:

  • Expanded partnership with SnapLogic embeds SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud into Reltio Cloud. This gives companies who do not have a data integration tool a simplified and easier way to load and synchronize data to and from Reltio, accelerating time-to-value. The Reltio SnapLogic connector is currently available to early access customers.
  • New Dun & Bradstreet partnership allows companies to power the next generation of account relationship management solutions. The combination of Reltio Cloud technology and Dun & Bradstreet data delivers a complete 360 degree view of accounts through reliable, relevant and personalized hierarchy and relationship information across people, products, and places to improve sales effectiveness and customer engagement.
  • Out-of-the-box Data as a Service (DaaS) integration with Dun & Bradstreet enables organizations to enrich account data, and create multiple operational account hierarchies, contextual to specific business needs. The Reltio Dun & Bradstreet connector is currently available to early access customers.

Expansive Globalization
Reltio Cloud is used for global data harmonization by leading Forbes 2000 and Fortune 500 companies across a diverse range of industries such as healthcare, life sciences, high tech, retail, media & entertainment, personal care, and insurance. Reltio’s customer list includes several of the largest global pharmaceutical organizations, one of the world’s largest healthcare insurers, a major car retailer, a global fast food franchiser, a worldwide cosmetics giant, a large computer manufacturer, and a global media investment group.

New global enablement capabilities in Reltio Cloud 2017.1 for multi-country implementations include:

  • Multi-dependent configurable lookups, which allow easy configuration of dependent lookups based on multiple attributes. Companies can specify a combination of a country code (e.g. GBR), and organization type (e.g. partner) to constrain the list of organization subtypes (e.g. a list of values such as: general partnership, limited partnership, etc.).
  • Dynamic Operational Values (OV), sometimes described as the “golden value” shown to the user or consuming application, can be configured based on end-user profiles of different countries (e.g. GBR, USA), and from different departments (e.g. sales, marketing). Each individual user can also specify more granular personal preferences if needed.

Continuous Collaboration
Reltio continues to democratize access to data across IT teams and data stewards who manage and govern data and to frontline business users who contribute real-time updates to the data in the course of their daily operational execution. Reltio Cloud 2017.1 includes enhanced workflow and task management, through a new personalized portal, with desktop and mobile form factors, that improves the efficiency and productivity of all teams. Capabilities include managing assigned tasks, simple reassignment of tasks within and across teams, identification and alerts to overdue tasks, and more. Unlike other data management platforms that offer workflow as a separate “bolt-on” tool or third-party product, Reltio Cloud seamlessly provides workflow as an integral part of the core platform.

“Our customers and partners have told us that Reltio is the first platform that truly delivers on the promise of modern enterprise data management for IT, and data-driven applications for business,” said Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, VP of Platform Product Management, Reltio. “Reltio Cloud 2017.1 continues our emphasis of a single modern data management PaaS for both global operational execution and analytical insight at scale.”

See the Product in Action
Reltio Cloud 2017.1 will be showcased repeatedly by customers and partners over two action-packed days at theModern Data Management Summit on February 27 – 28 at the JW Marriott, Union Square, San Francisco, CA.Reltio is the Diamond Sponsor and host of what is expected to be one of the largest gatherings of modern data management and data-driven application experts.

Highlights over the two days to include:

  • 19 sponsors, including Reltio, QuintilesIMS, Accenture Digital, Cognizant, Highpoint Solutions, LumenData, Infoverity, SnapLogic, iMiDiA, Medpro Systems, Wipro, ZS Associates, Deloitte, LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet, Globalsoft, Qubole, Indico and GBG Loqate.
  • Visionary keynotes, including from IBM’s Global CDO, Reltio’s founder and CEO, Forrester Research’s Principal Analyst, DataStax co-founder, the CDO of QuintilesIMS and more.
  • 40 Industry leading speakers and panelists, including Hewlett Packard, ClubCorp, Optum/United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Forrester Research, Salesforce, Tivo, DataStax, Amazon Web Services, Nokia, Shutterfly, Tapjoy, PCGI Systems, Reltio, QuintilesIMS, Accenture Digital, Cognizant, Highpoint Solutions, LumenData, Infoverity, SnapLogic, iMiDiA, Medpro Systems, Wipro, ZS Associates, Deloitte, LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet, Globalsoft, Qubole, Indico, GBG Loqate and more.
  • And a dedicated healthcare and life sciences track covering the most innovative data management technologies and best practices in healthcare, pharma, and medical devices industries.

The event, by invitation only, is currently sold out. Please visit to request to join the waiting list.