Resco is announcing the awaited release of Android edition for MobileForms Toolkit 2011, shortly after the official release of Novell’s MonoDroid.

MobileForms Toolkit 2011 is the ultimate set of controls and components for mobile developers. It rapidly speeds up the mobile application development process. Now the tools that thousands of corporate developers were using to create mobile applications are available also for Android platform! Moreover, no additional skills are needed to create your Android applications since you will develop your application in .NET using Visual Studio and C# code.

“Resco MobileForms Toolkit Android edition provides developers with remarkable benefits,” said Michal Sartoris, Senior Developer at Resco. “There are still many mobile developers that are not familiar with Android platform. Android uses Java coding language. Now not only can developers create their Android applications using .NET and C# but also they save plenty of time with MobileForms Toolkit.”

•    .NET, C# code in Visual Studio used for Android applications!
•    45% development time save with toolkit
•    Slick user interface
•    Thousands of corporate developers including over 50 Microsoft MVPs
•    Android have 29% market share and this share is expected to rise steeply in the upcoming future

New Android components:
•    AdvancedList — list control with remarkable features
•    DetailView — input control with text, numeric, date, time, check, combo or link input support
•    MonthCalendar — control for day/week scheduling
•    WeekCalendar — control for month/year scheduling with advanced day formatting
•    TabBar — tab control with plenty of graphic options