JetBrains, creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing software development tools, today announced the general availability of ReSharper 7, a major new release of their all-time classic productivity extension for Microsoft Visual Studio.

With Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 RTM just around the corner, ReSharper 7 adds full-blown support for Visual Studio 2012 while preserving compatibility with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010. ReSharper 7 also provides extensive tooling for developers targeting Windows 8 and WinRT, the brand-new Microsoft operating system and runtime.

Customers who aren’t yet migrating to the new Visual Studio will still find a lot to cheer about in ReSharper 7. New ReSharper functionality available in all supported versions of Visual Studio includes a fresh set of real-time code inspections and automated quick-fixes; new refactorings, including the long-awaited Extract Class; more ways to visualize and explore the code base; and contract annotations to fine-tune ReSharper’s code quality analysis to application-specific conventions.

“With this release, we’re trying to make life easier for .NET shops aiming to quickly start developing Metro style apps on the Windows 8 platform. The sooner companies start deploying to the Windows 8 marketplace, the more revenue they’ll be getting from it. And we’re here to accelerate their Windows 8 development efforts,” said Ilya Ryzhenkov, ReSharper Product Manager. “On the other hand, ReSharper 7 also brings great value to those developing more traditional .NET applications, with its new ways to refactor, maintain and explore code bases, not to mention improved support for specific languages such as XAML, JavaScript, or VB.NET.”

ReSharper 7 highlights include:
• Full integration with Visual Studio 2012, in addition to Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010.
• Extensive pack of functionality for developers looking to create WinRT-based Metro style applications.
• New code inspections and contract annotations for more robust .NET code quality analysis.
• New automated code refactorings, including the top requested Extract Class for decreasing code complexity.
• Additional code exploration features for helping visualize hierarchies of polymorphic members and CSS styles.
• Extended set of code generation actions.
• INotifyPropertyChanged interface support to improve the productivity of developers working with Windows Forms, WPF, and Silverlight.
• Removing unused assembly references across the entire solution.
• Added or improved support for a variety of languages and technologies, including JavaScript, ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4, LightSwitch, and SharePoint.

To learn more about ReSharper 7 and try the software free for 30 days, please visit