Headway Software today announced the release of Restructure101 Version 2 for Java, .Net, C/C++, and more. Restructure101 lets developers refactor their software architecture to remove costly dependency tangles and structural complexity. Version 2 consolidates the feature set, and incorporates user feedback regarding usability. Restructure101 implements a unique interactive visual model called the Levelized Structure Map (LSM) which was specifically designed to enable software architects delve into structural problems and to explore solutions by directly manipulating the model in a sandbox environment. Version 2 adds powerful filtering capabilities that make it even easier to focus in on only the information needed to make restructuring decisions and simulations. The user interface is also more intuitive making it easier to find and fix structural patterns and anti-patterns within a code-base.

“I have been using early builds of version 2 on a daily basis on customers’ code-bases” said Headway founder and CEO, Chris Chedgey, “the new UI and filtering features make  it noticeably easier and faster to home in on the best restructuring strategy for a code-base”. “Restructure101 gives a great insight into the architecture of an application, it does not just hint at problems – it helps to solve them”, said Eberhard Wolff, Architecture & Technology Manager, adesso AG, “The LSM makes possible enhancements of the structure quite obvious. Changes can be easily simulated so you can find out how the code base can be improved. And the changes are low-risk as they are mostly about moving code, not really changing it. Restructure101 is a great tool to improve architectural quality.”

Restructure101 was awarded 2011 Jolt productivity award for Design and Architecture, and is this week shortlisted for the JAX Most Innovative Technology award. Restructure101 is part of the Structure101 product family that is used by thousands of customers to repair, define, communicate and enforce architecture across the whole development team.