Microsoft yesterday finally elaborated on its plans to integrate Yammer and SharePoint by announcing that it will bring Yammer inside Office 365. It’s another step closer to the company’s vision of changing the workplace through social tools. You can read about the update in a blog by Jared Spataro, senior director of Microsoft’s Office division.

We use more social than we realize today, what with instant messaging, e-mail and perhaps even video chat or Skype. Once it’s incorporated into the tools we use to do our jobs, it won’t feel so much like multi-tasking (such as closing my Word doc to open TweetDeck to reply to something, then closing that Window to open my e-mail to check on a document I’m supposed to be receiving). Once the experience is seamless, it will in fact just become the way we work.

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With the arrival of SharePoint 2013 comes the stack of books written to tell us how things have changed, and what we need to know to continue to be successful in SharePoint. One that’s just gone into early release is “SharePoint 2013 Inside Out,” by Darvish Shadravan, Penelope Coventry, Tom Resing and Christina Wheeler. Another that will get you started is “Beginning SharePoint 2013, 1st edition,” by Amanda Perran, Shane Perran, Jennifer Mason and Laura Rogers. Both are available now and will make excellent reference texts to keep close by as you discover new features—and the often-disconcerting lack of old ones—in your new SharePoint 2013 deployment.