RevTwo, the company making in-app support human and collaborative, announced today at the Samsung Developer Conference that its RevTwo In-App Support Platform is now available for Android. RevTwo launched its platform for iOS-based apps in February with a vision to provide universal, built-in support within every app on every device.

“There are more than 1.6 million Android apps available today,” said Jim Hansen, CTO and co-founder of RevTwo. “Opening up our platform to Android will give thousands of mobile app developers across the globe the ability to diagnose problems within their apps that were previously invisible.”

The platform – which is free to use for developers – makes the invisible visible by reaching inside the sandbox and letting developers see issues and root causes at the software level of a device, preventing issues long before they make it into production. The solution can also connect developers with their testers in real-time, via screen share and audio, so developers can determine exactly what happened when a bug is encountered, without the guesswork.

To see inside an app, a developer simply bundles the RevTwo library into any Android or iOS-based app. Following integration, the app can open support sessions, initiate and respond to voice calls and interact with diagnostic tools like screen sharing, logging, database and file browsers. RevTwo uses WebRTC to create fast peer-to-peer connections with devices, helping shorten time to resolution.

Empowering a community of app users
In addition to the developer model, the RevTwo In-App Support Platform provides universal support for every stage of the app lifecycle to combat app abandonment. This includes innovative community support that allows mobile users to tap into the power of an app’s user base to support each other in real-time from across the world. One minute a user is stuck, the next an app expert can see their screen directly, and talk them through what to do next.

“Popular mobile apps have huge followings, but what they’re missing is fast, easy support that will keep users engaged,” saidDale Calder, CEO and co-founder of RevTwo. “RevTwo is enhancing apps so users can connect with each other and get the interactive help they need inside the app—all at the push of a button.”

Increasing enterprise app stickiness
Additionally, in-app professional help desk support services are available for high-value consumer and mission-critical enterprise apps, connecting tech specialists, content experts and developers directly with end users requesting assistance via in-app audio and screen share. Users get quick results to their issues while support professionals see problems as they happen on a specific device, ultimately shortening support timeframes, reducing help desk ticket volumes and maximizing a company’s support experience. The integrated help workflow is designed to provide quick support, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

To learn more about RevTwo’s In-App Support platform for Android, visit us at the Samsung Business Services Partners showcase (3rd Floor of Moscone West) at the Samsung Developer Conference. Developers can sign up for a free account today and get up and running in 10 minutes.