Rogue Wave Software announces it is working with IBM to help make open source software (OSS) support more available. This will help provide comprehensive, enterprise-grade technical support for OSS packages.

“With our ten-year history in open source, organizations can feel confident in our ability to resolve issues,” said Richard Sherrard, director of product management at Rogue Wave Software. “We have tier-3 and 4 enterprise architects that offer round-the-clock support for entire ecosystems. We are long-standing experts when it comes to OSS and proud to be working with IBM.”

With open source prevalent in critical applications and systems, access to expert support can mean the difference between seamless operations and revenue-impacting downtime. Instead of waiting for the community to address and resolve open source issues, IBM clients will have direct access to support for all top open source packages.

“We are pleased to work with Rogue Wave Software,” said Juhi McClelland, vice president of Technology Support Services at IBM. “Our clients will now have the same access to enterprise-grade support for open source software as they have for IBM-branded software.”

For developers and IT teams, access to expert open source support means they can now find the answers they need faster and ensure key applications are running.

With guidance and solutions to troubleshoot issues and optimize deployments, as well as competitive pricing, this partnership will help provide support across an organization’s entire stack. This support offering extends to development teams to provide the expertise and experience necessary to deploy and maintain critical production systems.

Watch this video to learn more.