RunRev today announced LiveCode Server, an easy to use solution for providing back-end and cloud services for mobile or desktop applications and processes. LiveCode Server enables developers to create data-intensive apps with confidence that the sheer volume of information and files required are kept securely in the cloud and readily accessible.  Used with the LiveCode application development environment, LiveCode Server is available either as a standalone engine to install on your own servers, or pre-installed on the On-Rev hosting service.

For those developers who already maintain their own server, the LiveCode server engine can be downloaded directly to their PC, Mac or Linux machine for $299 with an existing license, or $499 as a server, desktop or mobile bundle. LiveCode is a programmable server environment that allows developers to write powerful and flexible CGI scripts, rather than obscure symbolic languages. LiveCode draws on an English-like programming language to quickly describe server application logic and rapidly build and deploy solutions.

For users who want a server solution that “just works,” On-Rev allows developers to write cloud apps and web programs that are executed in a server environment.  Boasting 100 GB data storage, unlimited email addresses, and domain names, On-Rev features a pre-installed LiveCode Server and support for a monthly subscription cost of $24.99.  The integration of LiveCode Server Engine within the On-Rev hosting environment allows developers to run scripts with ease on the data stored within their account.  A full list of features relating to the hosting can be found here

“The On-Rev hosting service will appeal to many developers who simply want to concentrate on creating apps rather than worrying about maintaining a server to run the many back-end processes,” said Kevin Miller, RunRev CEO. “We recognize that cloud and web application development can be a complex process, and so our goal is to produce the world’s easiest server scripting environment. We intend to streamline every aspect of the process — no more dealing with file permissions or fighting to install the correct version of an obscure library.  

On-Rev is a tightly integrated solution where the server technologies, hosting, editing and debugging are all seamlessly tied together.  On-Rev marks the start of a process to transform the way cloud apps and web programs are created. This launch represents the culmination of two years of real world testing of both the On-Rev hosting service and the pre-release version of LiveCode Server.”

LiveCode Development Environment
The LiveCode development environment is a full-featured cross-platform solution that enables shared code across multiple platforms and devices. In addition to LiveCode for mobile devices, deployment packs include Windows desktops, Mac OS X desktops, Linux desktops, and popular Web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. LiveCode pricing begins at $99 (£79) for a one-seat, personal use license, with additional pricing options for various commercial and academic environments.