RunRev Ltd today announced a significant update to the LiveCode cross-platform development environment for mobile, web and desktop applications, with new features for Android and iOS developers and major enhancements to the field objects across all platforms. LiveCode 5.5 adds more than 15 new features that will punch up Android development, including native browser control, text field enhancements, push notifications and GPS. iOS developers also benefit from text messaging, push notifications and six other new features. LiveCode pricing begins at $99 for a single seat license and is available online today. View a video showing the new features here.

LiveCode 5.5 is a huge step forward for Android developers, making cross-platform deployment of rich mobile apps easier that ever. Coming off the successful LiveCode Game Academy for learning mobile game development, RunRev expects the new release to appeal to thousands of new and seasoned Android and iOS developers looking to expand their work into game, educational and small business app creation.  RunRev will introduce its next LiveCode Academy in April, focusing on small business app development.

LiveCode 5.5 brings a major rework of the field objects across all platforms, with users able to create sophisticated text layouts, while paragraph styles allow users to control formatting on a per paragraph basis. The new release also adds powerful new options for accessing and formatting text, a scriptable spelling underline, hierarchical lists, the ability to embed tables, and many more improvements to text and field handling.

LiveCode 5.5 Mobile Features
Following are some of the most significant new features of LiveCode 5.5:

•  Native browser control
•  Push notifications
•  GPS
•  Compass
•  Gyroscope
•  Modal pick wheel support
•  Date picker support
•  Multi-channel sound
•  Busy indicators
•  Local notifications
•  Custom URL schemes
•  Vibrate
•  Beep
•  Text messaging

“With the new version we’ve focused on field formatting options and mobile features, prioritizing our updates based on direct input from customers, “said RunRev CEO Kevin Miller. “This update is a massive step forward for Android developers and also includes a number of iOS features to create more engaging and dynamic apps.  Our goal with LiveCode is always to provide a robust, refined feature set while staying true to the fast, easy-to-use platform that our customers expect.”

LiveCode was uniquely designed to give software and mobile app developers the easiest way to create applications for any platform or purpose, with the ability to write apps once and deploy to seven popular platforms—iOS, Android, Web, PC, Mac, Linux and Server.  LiveCode customers range from educators that use the platform to teach their students how to program, to small businesses that create and sell software, to individuals looking to build the next big mobile app or game.   LiveCode developers are creating cross-platform applications twice as fast as other platforms from a single code base.