Sauce Labs, Inc., a leading cloud-based web and mobile application testing platform, today announced the addition of real devices to its market-leading automated test offering. The release greatly expands the capabilities of Sauce Labs’ instantly available mobile test cloud by allowing customers to test their mobile apps across the full spectrum of simulators, emulators and real devices, using one platform, as part of their DevOps workflow.

This announcement underscores the growing importance and maturation of mobile continuous integration as an achievable best practice that helps software teams streamline their build and release cycles. The imperative to continually deliver and enhance high quality mobile apps continues to grow, making instantly available  automated mobile testing a necessity. To meet these aggressive development deadlines, automated mobile testing optimized for Continuous Integration (CI) workflows enables development teams to release higher quality mobile apps, faster and more frequently.

“Velocity and dynamic delivery of quality mobile apps is key to business competitive positioning and adaptability,” said Melinda Ballou, program director of IDC’s Application Lifecycle Management & Executive Strategies service. “Coordinating automated mobile testing with a broad range of changing devices in the cloud as part of a common platform can enable effective continuous integration and faster, higher quality mobile software deployment.”

Sauce Labs’ new offering differs from other mobile functional testing tools in the ecosystem by providing a large volume of devices, but fewer device types. The company’s mobile strategy is focused primarily on the depth of testing using real devices rather than breadth for software teams looking to test early and often as they build mobile applications. The number of phones offered on the Sauce Labs real device cloud was designed to prevent long wait times that customers experience when using other offerings.

Further, by providing a large volume of real devices alongside more than 75 device / platform combinations of iOS and Android simulators and emulators, Sauce Labs allows users to cover the majority of their testing with emulators and to augment that with higher fidelity testing on the most popular real devices for maximum coverage at a fraction of what it would cost to use real devices only.

Key highlights of today’s announcement include:

Instant Availability
Unlike competing solutions, the Sauce Labs’ real device offering provides a high volume of the most popular devices. Developers can rely on instant access to cloud-enabled real mobile devices, rather than wait in long queues for a device.

Massive Concurrency
The Sauce Labs’ Real Device Cloud supports high parallelism, allowing teams to test many functions at the same time. The result is overall reduction of test time by as much as 100x.

Web, Native and Hybrid App Testing
With support for Appium and Selenium, developers can test all their mobile apps including native, mobile web and hybrid apps, across emulators and real devices.

Enterprise Features
RDC’s secure tunnel supports testing of pre-production apps, APIs and back-ends. Account provisioning is also available with Team Management and SSO.

Videos and Screenshots
Developers can count on a complete set of analysis tools including video, screenshots, logs and metadata to help quickly identify issues with their apps.

“Developers have learned that trying to manually test apps on their small set of in-house mobile devices is time consuming, ineffective and expensive,” said Lubos Parobek, vice president of products at Sauce Labs. “Today’s release provides mobile automated testing across emulators and real devices to address this acknowledged pain point head on. Through integration with the most popular CI systems, developers know they can rely on Sauce to accelerate their testing and deliver better quality apps to market, faster.”

“As the market leader, Sauce Labs continues to sharpen its focus on continuous delivery and business acceleration,” said Charles Ramsey, CEO of Sauce Labs. “The approach we are employing, offering a combination of massively scalable low-cost emulators and simulators with high volumes of the most popular real devices, enables development teams to increase the quality and frequency of their software releases in a cost-effective manner.”

Pricing and Availability
Beta access to the Real Device Cloud is available by registering at: Pricing starts at $449 per device per month.