ScaleOut Software, a leading provider of in-memory computing software, today announced the release of version 5.2 of its in-memory computing platform; downloads will be available starting Oct. 31. The latest release increases ease of use and deepens support for operational intelligence across ScaleOut’s product offerings, ScaleOut Analytics Server and ScaleOut hServer. Version 5.2 introduces REST APIs, support for Apache Hive and YARN, C# APIs for small object storage and integration with Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1.

Support for REST APIs
Version 5.2 introduces support for REST APIs, which allow customer applications to easily access objects in ScaleOut’s in-memory storage using HTTP with built-in SSL for security. Objects now can be remotely accessed from applications written in almost any programming language. ScaleOut’s Web service can be deployed either using its built-in, high-performance embedded Web server or as a FastCGI module behind an existing Web server.

Hadoop YARN support for ScaleOut hServer
Version 5.2 includes support for Hadoop YARN, enabling Hadoop MapReduce applications to take advantage of ScaleOut hServer’s fast in-memory execution engine and integrated, in-memory data storage. This new capability lets ScaleOut hServer function as an alternative MapReduce execution framework within a Hadoop YARN cluster, running MapReduce applications with significantly lower execution times and zero code changes. ScaleOut hServer lets MapReduce applications analyze live, operational data and has demonstrated more than 40x faster execution than Apache MapReduce in benchmark testing.

Support for Apache Hive
As one of the most popular implementations of SQL query on Hadoop, Apache Hive uses Hadoop’s batch-based MapReduce to query static data sets in HDFS. With the release of version 5.2, ScaleOut hServer enables users to run Apache Hive queries using hServer’s fast, in-memory execution engine, thereby accelerating execution and enabling query of in-memory data. Standard Hive distributions can run queries without changes using ScaleOut hServer as a MapReduce framework under YARN. Most popular Hive distributions, including those from Cloudera and Hortonworks, are compatible with ScaleOut hServer.

C# support for small objects
Operational systems often need to manage very large populations of small, in-memory objects, and the key to operational intelligence is the ability to quickly analyze this data. Complementing ScaleOut’s existing Java support for small objects, version 5.2 adds full support in C# for .NET users. This new storage model streamlines in-memory storage and accelerates parallel analysis when using techniques such as Hadoop MapReduce in Java and ScaleOut’s Parallel Method Invocation in both Java and C#. To maximize ease of use, APIs for this storage model follow the standard semantics of Java’s NamedMap and .NET’s ConcurrentDictionary with extensions for parallel query and data-parallel analysis.

Hortonworks Certification
With the release of version 5.2, ScaleOut is now a certified Hortonworks 2.1 partner. The partnership enables Hortonworks users to run both batch and operational data analysis within the same Hadoop environment, allowing Hortonworks Data Platform users to implement operational intelligence on live data within their Hadoop deployments and integrate it with their ongoing business intelligence. This creates significant new opportunities for extending data analytics in diverse sectors including retail, financial services, media, manufacturing, transportation and e-commerce. It also provides cost savings by leveraging Hadoop skill sets for both business and operational intelligence.

“We welcome ScaleOut to the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program and look forward to working with them to help strengthen operational intelligence use cases in the Hadoop ecosystem” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks.