ScaleXtreme, Inc., the leading cloud-based systems management company, today announced the immediate availability of new cloud provisioning and management functionality, offering customers the first hybrid-cloud management product that can both provision and manage the lifecycle of machines through the cloud. Using ScaleXtreme, customers can now create Amazon EC2 machine instances and manage these servers without having to install any local software. Customers can go to and setup a free account to use this new functionality.

Unlike other products on the market that only provide the ability to provision machines, ScaleXtreme uniquely enables both provisioning of new machines across Amazon EC2, and gives customers the ability to maintain those machines throughout the machines’ lifecycle – including configuration management, inventory management, and task automation. In addition, Amazon EC2 machines can also be managed exactly as internal virtual or physical machines or machines at other cloud providers – all through a “single pane of glass” hosted in the cloud.

“ScaleXtreme is unique in that it manages the full lifecycle of a machine, wherever they might run – on an internal cloud or public cloud like Amazon EC2,” said Nand Mulchandani, CEO of ScaleXtreme, “With this new functionality, customers don’t have to stitch together multiple products to solve their hybrid-cloud provisioning and machine management needs – they can do it all from a single location in the cloud. We’re pleased to be supporting and building on the rich Amazon EC2 platform”.