Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, announces the release of ScanFix Xpress v7 software development toolkit (SDK) with enhanced image cleanup and automated image processing designed for use in developing scanning, forms processing, OCR/ICR and workflow applications.

Save development time using ScanFix Xpress with its newly enhanced and easier to use cleanup operations that require less code to be written. Reduce testing time to achieve improved images by decreasing the complexity of selecting the appropriate document cleanup settings. ScanFix Xpress also allows developers building archive applications to utilize less space to house their images once they are cleaned up.

“ScanFix Xpress is ideal for ISVs, service bureaus and enterprises that need post-scan image processing to improve content recognition,” said Tom Setzer, Director of Recognition for Accusoft. “The new automated features enable developers building archival systems or content management systems to produce cleaner, better images with little or no operator intervention to perform the image processing.”

Organizations building forms processing, indexing, or other capture solutions in need of improving their recognition rates by running document image processing functions will no longer require specific settings with ScanFix Xpress. There is now one setting that fits all for images, instead of tweaking settings based on the input image. For example, documents will automatically rotate to an upright orientation to limit the need for users to arrange documents ahead of time. These automated features allow customers with little or no knowledge of image processing to receive favorable results.

Enterprises building web services in the Cloud to acquire a large number of images will benefit from ScanFix Xpress by enabling processing of their images in the Cloud. For example, companies building a wireless scanner uploading content to a user configured web service can now complete their image processing in the Cloud.

New automatic operations in ScanFix Xpress include adjusting brightness and contrast on color and grayscale images, despeckling bitonal images, removal of hole punch marks on bitonal images, correction of inverse text, and smoothing backgrounds of color and grayscale images. ScanFix Xpress automated image processing features also include deskew, intelligent conversion to black and white, cropping overscan borders and more.

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