The software industry is a lot like birds. A technology advancement comes along, and software providers flock to it, hawking their own solutions as they try to differentiate from the pack.

After the initial lift these companies get from market momentum, many fall back to earth. The strongest and fastest, though, spread their wings and are carried along by the winds of these new ideas.

The 2019 SD Times 100 recognizes those companies and organizations that are the leaders, innovators and influencers in the software development market.  They have flown ahead of the flock with new, innovative projects or by establishing leadership positions, or by influencing how and what we create.

This year’s list sees many of the mature companies coming back to roost, but also includes a few fledglings that are just learning to fly on their own. This is reflective of the fact that software development does not stand still. New methodologies, architectures and paradigms are emerging, and the SD Times 100 companies are at the point of the flying V, leading the way for the rest to follow.

And the nest, as they say, is history.

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