The software development world keeps on changing. Just when we think we have a handle on something as simple as application life-cycle management, or cloud computing, or mobile apps, we get new models, new innovations, new technologies.

Forget plugging pair-programming or continuous delivery or automated testing before checking code into the repository. The industry has moved on. Today, the innovation is around DevOps and Big Data and HTML5 and app stores and… well, it keeps changing.

Tracking and documenting those changes: That’s what we do at SD Times, and each year, the editors stop, catch their breath, and make a big list of the top innovators of the software development industry. We identify the leaders—the companies, the open-source projects, the organizations who ride the cutting edge.

To quote from Rex Kramer in the movie “Airplane,” the SD Times 100 are the boss, the head man, the top dog, the big cheese, the head honcho, number one…

Who are the SD Times 100? This week, all will be revealed. We will begin tweeting out the SD Times 100 on Thursday. Follow the action by watching @sdtimes on Twitter, or look for hashtag #SDTimes100.

After all the tweeting is complete, the list will be published to

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