Went beyond Windows, Java component suite with resources to help application designers as well as developers; new test automation tools provide advantage for exercising presentation layer QA.

Custom IDE solutions, quarterly updates give GUIs flash and flair.

Charts, graphs, diagrams and new gauges bring realism to .NET.

Enterprise architecture, IT governance kits simplify compliance.

Process management made easy with embeddable biz-rules system.

Asset manager expanded to SOA governance, federal architectures.

N Software
Tackled B-to-B transactions with adapters for BizTalk, EDA, more.

Scientific Component
Stayed grounded with components for serial communications, GPS.

Software FX
One API to rule them all: Brought consistency to Win32, .NET, Java.

Visual Numerics
Top purveyor of math libraries for C, Fortran, Java now serves C#.


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