‘The Bazaar’
Corporate embrace of open-source communities kicked many projects to the next level. The commercial support now found in Eric Raymond’s concept of The Bazaar creates the ideal synergy between altruism and enterprise acceptance.

Web services APIs offer enterprises a new e-commerce paradigm.

Eclipse Foundation
Seemingly unstoppable momentum redefines competing tool chains.

Cyber Security Division, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Finally, best practices for coding, testing to eliminate vulnerabilities.

developerWorks embraced developers, raised bar for everyone else.

Keeps folks guessing with promises of Longhorn, Yukon, Whidbey.

Instant Linux leader by snatching SUSE, building enterprise stack.

Retains tight control over JCP, sets agenda for Java technologies.

Mandate spurs supply chain to bring “Everyday Low Prices” to RFID.

World Wide Web Consortium
XQuery, Semantic Web show Internet innovator still has vision.

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