The application server is becoming more versatile every day. On the Java side of the fence, Sun Microsystems hired the folks responsible for bringing Ruby and Python into JREs, quelling many of the complaints Java developers have voiced about the lack of a simple scripting layer on top of Java. BEA spent the year tweaking and tuning its WebLogic application server to run at breakneck speeds. IBM, on the other hand, helped spur interest in open-source communities with its Apache Geronimo-based WebSphere CE. But the air continued to be sucked out of the application server room by Red Hat’s trailblazing JBoss Middleware group. And, of course, everyone’s favorite feline, Apache Tomcat, remained on top as the most popular Java application sever.

  • Apache
  • BEA
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Red Hat/JBoss
  • Sun
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