It’s a services-based world; we’re all just living in it. SOA has arrived. It’s set up camp in your network and has begun to claim victims in the form of those terminal-based applications your users always hated. Now that those services are up and running, the promise of SOA is beginning to come true. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still need top-flight tools to help design, coordinate and deploy all those delicious consumables. Our finalists provide the best tools and systems for keeping track of all those services, and for pushing the obligation of design into the hands of the business people who can never communicate their needs properly. The best part of SOA is that those business folks get to do it themselves.

  • BEA
  • BPEL4People specifications
  • Interware
  • Lombardi
  • Mindreef
  • Mulesource
  • Nexaweb Technologies
  • Tibco
  • WebMethods
  • WSO2
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