Coding Dojo, a pioneer in the coding bootcamp space, and Seattle Central College, one of the three colleges that make up the Seattle Colleges District, today announced a program to deliver courses covering in-demand programming languages and technologies. These classes will be hosted by the Continuing Education department at Seattle Central College, and Coding Dojo will provide the curriculum, instructors and access to its online platform.

The Seattle Central College program is part of Coding Dojo’s Coding for Higher Education Program, which ensures higher education institutions have a quick and cost-effective way to roll out a cutting-edge programming curriculum. This non-credit program is designed for the working professional. The program does not require any previous coding experience or a student to take a coding aptitude test to attend. Students may register directly with Seattle Central’s Continuing Education department and are not required to complete the college’s formal application process to enroll in the program.

“At Coding Dojo, we strongly believe that anyone can learn to code if they have the drive and are given the appropriate resources,” said Kevin Saito, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Coding Dojo. “We’re excited to partner with such a progressive college that walks the walk when it comes to ensuring all ethnicities and genders have equal access to the appropriate education to transform their careers and lives.”

Seattle Central has been called one of the nation’s most diverse colleges. It can accept third party tuition payments from employers and the Coding Dojo programming classes will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights, as well as Saturdays to accommodate working professionals.

The inaugural Coding Dojo-Seattle Central courses will teach the LAMP and Python coding languages, and will run April 1 to June 29. It will include three modules for each coding language.


1) Web Fundamentals and Introduction to the LAMP Stack (April 1 to 27)
2) Introduction to PHP (April 29 to May 25)
3) Advanced PHP Concepts (June 3 to 29)


1) Web Fundamentals and Introduction to Python (April 1 to 27)
2) Introduction to Python and Object Oriented Programming (April 29 to May 25)
3) Advanced Python Concepts (June 3 to 29)

Each module will cost $1,299, while all three combined will cost $3,500

Students will receive 9.9 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and a certificate of completion. For more details and to sign up for the inaugural Coding Dojo-Seattle Central classes, go to