1Password, the human-centric security and privacy company, today announced a solution intended to help companies improve the way that they manage and secure infrastructure secrets throughout the development lifecycle.

According to 1Password, the new features, including the CI/CD integrations and 1Password Shell Plugins, offer developers the opportunity to secure their code by managing keys, credentials, and secrets as projects move from one environment to another.

“True business security requires that we address vulnerabilities, not just at one or two points, but throughout the entire development lifecycle. We’ve streamlined how developers manage infrastructure secrets, while also providing them with stronger, better-integrated security from one stage of a project lifecycle to the next,” said Steve Won, chief product officer at 1Password. “We’re passionate about our developer community and are committed to helping them reduce busywork by improving usability and security. The developer workflow is a critical pillar of our roadmap in 2023, which includes a promise to make their lives as easy as possible.”

With 1Password Shell Plugins, developers are enabled to sign into any CLI with a fingerprint, by keeping their API access keys in 1Password. This works to allow users to sync credentials in encrypted vaults across devices and eliminates the need to store plaintext keys on disks.

Additionally, 1Password’s CI/CD integrations help developers secure secrets and allow them access to them directly within CI/CD environments with pre-built integrations for CircleCI, GitHub Actions, and Jenkins.

Lastly, Git Commit Signing enables developers to sign their Git commits as well as receive a “verified” badge on GitHub and GitLab through SSH keys that are integrated, configured, and stored in 1Password.

“Many of our users rely on GitLab to shorten code review cycles, increase their developer productivity and strengthen overall security at every step,” said Kai Armstrong, senior product manager at GitLab. “1Password’s latest rollout is an important development in that last bucket. Launching Shell Plugins will help ensure developers can access our tools in their terminals as quickly and securely as possible.”

For more information, visit the website.