AdaCore today announced a new partnership with BlackBerry to support the company’s industry-leading QNX operating system across AdaCore’s family of GNAT Pro software tools, including GNAT Pro Assurance, GNAT Pro Enterprise and GNAT Pro Developer. The support for QNX within the GNAT Pro product line will further expand the broad range of embedded platforms available to Ada users and also offer C developers on QNX an easy migration path to the Ada or SPARK languages.

GNAT Pro for QNX is initially targeted for the ARM Cortex A family with plans to support all architectures in the future.

GNAT Pro for QNX comes with a full Ada run-time library supporting all versions of the language from Ada 83 through Ada 2012, together with an early implementation of features that are expected to be in the next Ada standard. The product includes the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) IDE and the Eclipse plugin GNATbench, several basic static analysis tools for metrics computation and coding standard verification, the Ada unit testing tool GNATtest, and the SPARK Discovery toolset that can be used to gain experience with formal methods in general and the SPARK language in particular.

“BlackBerry’s QNX operating system is the foundational software in automotive, industrial automation, medical, defense, railway and many other mission-critical systems that require reliability, safety, and security,” said Grant Courville, Head of Product Management at BlackBerry QNX. “We are pleased to partner with AdaCore to support the integration of the GNAT Pro Ada software as this will enable customers who require Ada language support to leverage both companies’ expertise and technology to build reliable, safe and secure QNX-based products.”

“In recent years we’ve seen increasing interest in Ada from domains outside of the language’s traditional aerospace and defense niche,” said Quentin Ochem, lead of Business Development at AdaCore. “We’re thrilled to combine our forces with one of the leading players in the mission-critical embedded software domain, BlackBerry QNX. Our joint solution will help developers design systems at the highest levels of reliability, safety and security.”