The newly launched CodeWhisperer is a tool that uses AI-generated suggestions to help developers maintain their focus and stay productive by allowing them to write code quickly and securely without disrupting their workflow by leaving their IDE to look up information.

The tool is especially useful for creating code for routine and time-consuming tasks, and working with unfamiliar APIs or SDKs and it makes correct and effective use of AWS APIs and common coding scenarios such as reading and writing files, image processing, writing unit tests, and more. 

“Helping to keep developers in their flow is increasingly important as, facing increasing time pressure to get their work done, developers are often forced to break that flow to turn to an internet search, sites such as StackOverflow, or their colleagues for help in completing tasks,” Steve Roberts, a senior developer advocate focused on .NET and PowerShell development on AWS. “Instead, CodeWhisperer meets developers where they are most productive, providing recommendations in real time as they write code or comments in their IDE.” 

On the security front, CodeWhisperer filters out code suggestions that might be considered biased or unfair, and it can filter or flag code suggestions that may resemble particular open-source training data. The AI companion includes security scanning for finding and suggesting remediations for hard-to-find vulnerabilities. 

It can be used with Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript,  C#, Go, Rust, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, C, C++, Shell scripting, SQL, and Scala. 

CodeWhisperer offers a professional tier that adds administration features like SSO and IAM Identity Center. There is also an Individual tier that is free to use for all developers.

Additional details are available here