The newly announced Security in Jira for Jira Software Cloud is aimed at helping organizations prioritize security more effectively by providing software teams with visibility into the security issues that need to be resolved.

In collaboration with partners like Snyk, Mend, Lacework, Stackhawk, and JFrog, Atlassian is  equipping teams with the means to tackle security issues more efficiently and at an earlier stage.

Inside the Security tab of Jira Software, teams can access a unified location to manage all detected vulnerabilities across their security tools. This functionality simplifies the process of prioritizing, delegating, and handling tasks for development teams.

The newly introduced Security tab offers software teams enhanced context by allowing them to filter and rank vulnerabilities based on their severity level. This feature aids software teams in addressing critical vulnerabilities sooner, increasing development speed and minimizing the risk associated with each release.

One can configure Jira to automatically generate an issue filled with security details for identified critical vulnerabilities and effortlessly incorporate lower-priority vulnerabilities into sprint planning. This assists developers in maintaining their focus by reducing unexpected interruptions and promoting deliberate prioritization of security vulnerabilities.

Teams now have the ability to view the status and treatment of vulnerabilities in a single view. This allows for the integration of security into developers’ existing workflows, making the implementation of DevSecOps manageable.

“Leverage Security in Jira to bring security further into your existing software development rituals. Atlassian is dedicated to helping teams unleash their full potential and we’re excited to see our customers move faster and deliver more value to their own customers with the assurance that they’re deploying secure features and products,” Andrew Pankevicius, senior product manager, DevOps at Jira Software at Atlassian, wrote in a blog post. “Try out Security in Jira – free for all Jira Software Cloud users – by enabling the security tab and integrating your tools – today!”