The code security company, Contrast Security, announced that it will be entering into a partnership with Red Hat OpenShift to allow users to deploy secure, containerized applications by integrating within native CI/CD pipelines. 

With these integrations, customers will be able to retain the scalability of the OpenShift Container Platform and gain automated security testing as a part of the software delivery process. 

This partnership works to ensure that security is built in as a core component of the software delivery value stream. 

Additionally, cloud developers can embed Contrast Security’s Assess and Protect agents within their source code image in order to allow for continuous vulnerability detection with runtime context. 

This works to ensure that applications are properly protected from targeted attacks in production. 

This partnership also brings teams the ability to trigger automated security tests within native Jenkins pipelines and be sure that security policy gates are up and running and no vulnerabilities are shipped to production.

Finally, users are provided with tasks that can be used to create repeatable pipeline templates within the OpenShift Pipeline environment. Automated vulnerability scanning will be initiated by APIs from the Contrast Secure Coding Platform.

“This partnership is another component to Contrast’s overall mission of ensuring developers are empowered to embed security within their environments without imposing additional work on them. We want to make security a value-add for everyone,” said Sanjay Ramnath, VP of product management at Contrast Security. 

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