OpenText is releasing a new solution, Open Source Select, designed to help developers find open source libraries that comply with their organization’s security policy. 

Developers can search for open source libraries and will be shown only the results that they can actually use. According to OpenText, this helps cut down on the time spent looking for libraries, eliminates the guesswork of whether a particular library actually meets company policy, and reduces the need for back-and-forth approval processes. 

By only allowing compliant libraries to be installed, OpenText is helping to address supply chain security issues before vulnerable components even have a chance to make it into the developer’s environment. 

Open Source Select is available as a free browser extension and can work alongside existing software composition analysis tools. 

“A major source of friction between developers, compliance teams and security teams is developer selection of open source libraries. With our latest innovation, we are making the discovery and intake process much easier for all,” said Muhi Majzoub, chief product officer and EVP at OpenText. “With Open Source Select, we are filling an important gap in the DevOps lifecycle. In doing so we are increasing developer and policy review teams’ productivity and improving security by eliminating workarounds.”