Rafay Systems launched a new open-source software project named Paralus to help keep users safe and applications secure on any Kubernetes environment for free.

Paralus offers identity and access management throughout an organization by providing a single login zero-trust K8s solution to grant authorized users seamless and secure access to all clusters with a native and familiar kubectl experience and acts as a proxy between external access and the API server itself.

Users don’t have to configure or manage Kubernetes RBAC one cluster at a time or design a zero-trust solution from the ground up.

Paralus also enables the creation of custom roles, users, and groups, and it can dynamically change and revoke permissions with immediate effect. Users have the ability to control access via pre-configured roles across clusters, namespaces, projects, and more and can benefit from Seamless integration with single sign-on (SSO) and RBAC allowing the use of external authentication engines for users and group definitions.

“The move to cloud-native inevitably causes the adoption of Kubernetes as the orchestration platform of choice. Rafay is leveraging its industry leadership and knowledge to accelerate the development of Paralus to ensure security and compliance practices evolve in parallel,” said Haseeb Budhani, the CEO and co-founder of Rafay Systems. “Paralus is part of our core Kubernetes Operations Platform offering, which is used by thousands of devs and architects at world-leading companies with their own SLAs. We are excited to open source this technology, actively maintain it with the cloud-native community and help organizations use the learnings from the market to focus on what is important – rolling out apps and products faster with less risk.”