Styra, the company behind Open Policy Agent (OPA), has announced a new solution for scanning configuration files for errors. The new feature, Repo Scan, is included as part of Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS). 

According to Styra, cloud components and platforms like AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure are governed and controlled by automated tooling, and managing this tooling requires thousands of lines of configuration code. 

The code has become so complex that often errors are introduced. Human error, mismanagement, or deployment gaps could introduce weak spots for attackers. 

Because of this, scanning configuration files is an important element of software supply chain security, the company explained.

Key benefits of Repo Scan include the ability to find errors within seconds, tool diversity that is extensible, and enhanced productivity through automated policy enforcement. 

“No human can keep up with scanning thousands of lines of code, with infinite repetition, to ensure configuration changes and app updates don’t have unintended consequences.” says Chris Hendrix, director of product management at Styra. “At Styra, we want to make our users’ jobs easier while ensuring that the applications and infrastructure they’re building is secure and compliant. This new addition to Styra DAS lets our customers shift their security policy left, all the way to code check-in time, to catch errors even earlier, and remediate risk from the start.”