People are usually dismissive of information given out by a “vendor,” in that they often feel as if it is tilted toward selling something. How many times have we seen vendor-sponsored surveys that reveal that 90% of the respondents have the exact problem the vendor’s software was created to address?

But one thing these vendors do have is a staff full of subject-matter experts. Who better to know how to deal with farm administration issues in SharePoint, for instance, than those who make software to deal with that? In the SharePoint space, vendors are savvy enough to understand that people have real need for education, and often retain “evangelists” who offer guidance and instruction. Several of them, including Jeremy Thake (AvePoint), Chris McNulty (Quest) and Christian Buckley (Axceler), speak at events around the world to share what they know about SharePoint. I mention this because today, SharePoint management company Idera is partnering with SharePoint expert Eric Schupps as its “Secrets of SharePoint” webinar series continues today at noon Central time with the topic of “Troubleshooting Common Performance Problems in SharePoint 2010.” Eric has spoken on the topic of performance at past SPTechCon conferences and is an excellent presenter. This one should not be missed.