Sencha, the leader in powering HTML5 development for desktop and mobile applications, today announced Sencha Space, a secure and managed environment for deploying mobile business applications. As the missing link to multi-device app development and management, Space is a key addition to Sencha’s HTML5 frameworks and tools, providing businesses with an ideal suite of products to design, build and deploy high quality and secure mobile applications that can run on today’s leading mobile devices.

Businesses cannot keep up with the management and security challenges created by the end user-driven BYOD (bring your own device) movement. While the maturation, capabilities and growing popularity of HTML5 has made it easy to develop high quality mobile applications that can run on any smartphone or tablet, IT departments, developers and end users are still struggling to find an ideal balance between the BYOD world and corporate IT requirements. Until now.

Sencha Space provides the ideal platform to deploy and manage secure business applications to run across multiple devices. It satisfies all of the requirements of developers, IT and end users to easily create an ideal mobile application environment within a BYOD world.
• Developers can create powerful and universally accessible applications by tapping into a rich set of device-level APIs; all while conforming to IT security and management policies. Sencha Space acts as a secure business environment for enterprise application developers to target for deploying their HTML5 applications.
• IT departments can now securely deploy and manage universal HTML5 applications; easily arming every employee with the business apps they need, on any device that employees choose to use. Space’s unique and powerful administrative console empowers IT managers with complete control of who can and cannot access a company’s mobile business applications, including the ability to make real-time changes according to specific devices and applications.
• End users can access all of their business applications from their favorite mobile device without surrendering control to IT or interfering with their personal experience on their own phone.

“Sencha has long focused on creating the tools and frameworks necessary to develop powerful applications that function in a multi-device, BYOD world,” said Abraham Elias, CTO of Sencha. “With Sencha Space, we’ve gone a step further, building an environment for mobile devices that provides efficiency and performance for end users and developers, while delivering the control and security that IT departments demand.”

“The enterprise mobility management market has seen rapid growth and development in recent years, and the next phase in its natural evolution will be the growth in secure and managed mobile environments as increasing numbers of businesses deploy apps across multiple device types,” said Richard Absalom, analyst at Ovum. “Enterprises and SMBs are beginning to realize that the security and management of applications is key to getting business value out of the multiple devices that employees are using at work, whether these devices are corporate or personally owned.”

As the leader in powering and managing HTML5 applications for any desktop or mobile device, Sencha’s tools, frameworks and management platform empower developers and IT departments to design, develop, deploy and manage secure HTML5 applications that run on all of today’s devices. Space extends the power of Sencha’s tools through a number of unmatched capabilities including:

• Secure File API
• Secure Data API
• Offline Authentication API
• Device API

• Manage HTML5 Application Deployment
• Manage HTML5 App Usage
• Revoke HTML5 Apps
• Central App Console

End User
• Deep App Linking
• In-App Collaboration
• Work vs Personal Isolation
• Download from App Store

Sencha Space is currently available as a developer preview. Prospective businesses and developers may register for a free evaluation at