Serena Software, the leading independent provider of application development and delivery solutions throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for the most highly regulated large enterprises (HRLEs), announced today the introduction of new application definition and development solutions that speed application delivery while reducing risk.

In the second wave of “Summer of Speed” releases, Serena announces today essential new versions of the most advanced Requirements Management and Software Change and Configuration Management solutions in use today: Dimensions RM version 12.3 and Dimensions CM 14.2.

“With these releases Serena once again sets the standard for software development in the most highly regulated large enterprises,” said Ashley Owen, Product Marketing Manager at Serena Software. “Today we are challenging all development teams to experience new visualization, collaboration and inspection capabilities that will accelerate creation and delivery,” he added.

Serena’s Requirements and Configuration Management Products support development teams in the HRLEs from agile to waterfall, from mainframe to mobile where complexity, risk, and speed demand exceptional technology answers that only Serena’s 35 years of experience can solve.

Serena Dimensions RM 12.3 is the leading requirements management solution with the most advanced and comprehensive set of tools in support of requirements capture, verification, visualization, organization and prioritization. Based on a collaborative web-based framework, Dimensions RM provides unparalleled capabilities for large enterprise teams to manage, track and trace requirements from definition to delivery.

  • New configurable requirements lifecycle workflow: manage ownership and security around requirements definition and approval.
  • New and extended integrations: manage your Enterprise Architect definitions and MATLAB Simulink model artifacts and link them directly business and system requirements improving verification, validation and traceability.
  • New visual requirements dependencies: drag & drop requirements and test definitions and link requirements into releases providing visual release planning improving speed and visibility for practitioners.

Serena Dimensions CM 14.2 is the most advanced software change and configuration management solution available today. Able to scale from small teams to the world’s largest enterprises, Dimensions CM provides rich tools that empower developers to deliver code changes collaboratively, safely and with speed.

  • New Continuous Inspection toolchain: easily configure your sequence of “expert” tools to inspect or process your code. Developers experience rapid feedback and immediate visual indicators within their development process. Expert tool-chains can be run on every commit, or on a schedule (for example, hourly, nightly or daily).
  • New Improved Collaborative Peer Review: result findings from the expert tool chain are shown in-line with the code being reviewed. Provides early feedback on coding issues, risks and vulnerabilities reducing costly rework and downstream impact. Full audit-trail tracking enables release readiness with confidence knowing that all corrections have been reviewed and approved.
  • New KPI/Metrics Reporting: reports display statistics and trends that are generated from continuous inspection, providing visibility and insight into the relative risks and vulnerabilities ahead of approving for release & deployment.
  • New support for modern development practices: support for shelving, personal streams and cherry pick merge provides developers with flexibility to switch context, isolate work and merge select changes.
  • New secure software development: further hardens the Dimensions CM Server to maintain the reputation of the most secure, and scalable SCCM solution.

“Aggregating the resulting KPI Metrics and decorating the code for peer review provide a level of visibility and insight that development, QA and Release teams have never had before,” said Don Irvine, Vice President and Product Manager for Dimensions CM. He continued, “Speeding development and delivery & automating the most extensive of audit trails for the most rigorous and critical compliance or internal standards is what we do.”

Supported “expert” tools currently include:

  • Automated build tools including Jenkins and TeamCity
  • Checking of coding standards through Checkstyle
  • Source code analysis tools including PMD, Kiuwan, and SonarQube
  • Reporting of known vulnerabilities in your application dependencies though the Dependency Vulnerability Expert
  • Deployment automation through Serena Deployment Automation

With the growing practice of shortening the feedback across development, QA and operations (“Shift Left”) and DevOps security, Dimensions CM 14.2 builds upon the innovations introduced last year, and provides continuous visibility into the health, quality and vulnerabilities of application code changes and release deliverables, enabling high velocity with confidence and safety.

Availability, Live Demonstration and Additional Information
Both product releases, Dimensions RM and Dimensions CM will be available for download from July 20th and can be purchased directly from Serena Software or the company’s network of partners worldwide. Current customers can access the latest versions from the company’s Support website.

Join a live webcast on July 21st to learn more about Dimensions CM 14.2 new features, see a live demonstration and ask questions directly of the product team.

Join a live webcast on July 28th to learn more about Dimensions RM 12.3 new features, see a live demonstration and ask questions directly of the product team.