The SharePoint 2013 edition of SharePoint AMS SmartForms module adds a Form Builder interface that enables users to easily create most common business forms. The software was launched today at SPTechCon San Francisco.

According to Sean Bordner, founder of SharePoint AMS, the release helps fill a void left when Microsoft announced earlier this year that it was discontinuing InfoPath, which had been its form solution. Since that time, Bordner said, overly large, heavy solutions from workflow solutions providers have been promoted. He described the SmartForms module as a Web Part that offers an affordable option because it does not include workflows.

“Workflows come with SharePoint. People need forms,” Bordner said. “It’s an affordable option. You tell it what SharePoint list you want and it puts the data straight into that list.”

Bordner said SharePoint AMS is running under the assumption that companies want their people to work with data collaboratively, without the need for DBAs. “You should be putting your data in SharePoint. The world is your oyster once data is in SharePoint, and forms fill the gaps,” he said.

Bordner noted that you can also write to external databases as well, with full CRUD operators enabled without having to write any code. Further, he pointed out that users can write data under elevated privileges. “You can lock down a list to who has access, on a subsite someplace. Or, on a public-facing website, you can drop in a form that writes to that list,” he said, adding that there is an integration with Google’s CAPTCHA.

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