A new SharePoint Form Web Part released this week enables users to create custom forms with CSS simply by pointing at a list and having the Web Part automatically create a form.

According to its creator, Rick White of SharePoint AMS, the Web Part “is one of those things that comes along from time to time which makes you wonder why SharePoint doesn’t already do that.”

Users create forms by dropping the Web Part on a page, pointing to a list, specifying fields, and clicking OK. White emphasized that this is done without SharePoint Designer, InfoPath or writing custom .NET code.

The software can create a form on any SharePoint page using any SharePoint list type, including custom and external lists, White said. Form field descriptions can also be displayed with the Web Part.

Further, users can be directed to a landing page after they submit the completed form; any URL will work, even if it not at SharePoint site. The Web Part can be instructed to pass along certain fields to the landing page, and they will automatically be appended to the URL as parameters, White explained.

The SharePoint Form Web Part overcomes the security challenge of granting READ and WRITE permissions to allow someone to write to a list by running under elevated privileges; this allows them to post to SharePoint lists that they don’t have permission to read, White said.

A 30-day free trial of the software can be downloaded here.