SharePoint has seen tremendous growth since its rollout, and one particular community that has embraced the collaboration software is the education world. Mike Herrity, headmaster at Twynham School in England, this week has posted a blog that raises the question, “Should schools move off their file servers and home drives in favor of SharePoint?” It’s a deep look at SharePoint as a learning platform, and if you’re a teacher or school administrator, there’s great information in this blog.

Another blog that we here at SPTechReport follow is that of Bob Mixon, one of the first people we met in the SharePoint space lo those many years ago! Bob was low-profile for the last year or so, but he’s back and blogging, which is a benefit to all of us, as his knowledge of SharePoint is vast and his insights are spot-on. Bob is a multiple-time SharePoint MVP, and his writing style and candor are what make his blog really stand out.

Of course, there are many, many other excellent blogs, by many very knowledgeable SharePoint people out there. In fact, many are streamed on SPTechWeb, the website behind this newsletter.

The two I mentioned above stand out to me because of the razor-sharp vertical focus of the former, and the deep expertise of the latter. Give them a look!