SharePoint-Videos, creator of visual tutorial content for Microsoft SharePoint, last week announced it has created VisualSP, an in-context, on-demand help system that gets to the point of what end users need.

According to the company, VisualSP’s training content can be viewed in small groups of task-specific content, and administrators of an organization’s training efforts can include company-specific, custom content in the system.

Asif Rehmani, president of Rehmani Consulting, which owns SharePoint-Videos, said that providing end users with the specific training they need “will increase SharePoint adoption within an organization.”

VisualSP is available on a subscription basis and can be installed locally within a SharePoint 2010 environment, according to the company. Users can access the content via the SharePoint Ribbon, which Rehmani called “the most comfortable point of access for end users for a task at hand.”

A video presentation of VisualSP is available for review on YouTube.