The website SharePoint Village has posted the 2012 winners of its Andy Dale SharePoint Awards. Among the highlights are the winner for the best SharePoint information site, NothingButSharePoint (which won for the second year in a row); the winner for the best SharePoint blog, Joel Oleson (Andrew Connell took second place); and best free SharePoint product (Colligo Reader for SharePoint). The full list can be read on their website.

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EndUserSharePoint (part of the NothingButSharePoint conglomerate) also deserves kudos for its EUSP Hackathon Challenge. Mark Miller, who edits the site, challenged four people to create a multimedia resource center that manages videos within the SharePoint environment, and readers can vote on the solution they think is best. Voting continues until Friday, May 25, at midnight Eastern time, so cast your vote now, and follow the conversation on Twitter at the hashtag #EUSPHackathon.