Dux Raymond Sy is, simply put, a guy who gets it. The newly minted American citizen (and SharePoint MVP) realizes all the things we have going for us here, and how important it is to share the wealth and the love.

So, as he did leading relief efforts for the Philippines and Haiti after recent natural disasters there, he’s now organizing an effort called “Operation ShareLove: Japan”—a call to the SharePoint community to help with the recent calamity there. Dux, who will be delivering a keynote talk at SPTechCon Boston in June, is encouraging people to donate to the relief effort of their choice: Red Cross, UNICEF, or another you support.

Send Dux proof of your donation to be eligible to win prizes, among them a free full-event passport to SPTechCon (a US$1,500 value). We’re proud to be able to assist Dux in this effort that transcends our jobs and affects us all.