Shunra, the industry-recognized authority in network virtualizationand application performance engineering, announces the availability of vCat for Mobile, a network virtualization and application performance engineering solution designed specifically to help organizations test, validate, and optimize performance of their mobile apps.

vCat for Mobile bridges the gap between development and deployment by enabling users to fully and accurately assess the behavior and impact of the network on mobile apps before they are introduced to end users. It does so by virtualizing real-world mobile network conditions within testing environments, making test results more reliably predictive of how an application will behave for end users. In addition, vCat for Mobile includes robust analytic capabilities that provide deep-dive root cause analysis of performance bottlenecks, a mobile performance scorecard, and automated optimization recommendations that have been proven to improve mobile app performance by over 40%.

“Mobile apps represent a critical competitive advantage and communications channel for organizations to reach their customers,” said Bill Varga, Shunra COO. “However, just 250 milliseconds of delay is enough to lose customers to a competitive offering and damage company brand. With vCat for Mobile, organizations now have a powerful tool to measure, evaluate, and optimize their applications to ensure a positive customer experience. vCat can assist them developing a competitive performance edge, while also dramatically reducing the business risks of failed mobile app performance.”

vCat for Mobile is built on the Shunra vCat engine, but offers specific functionality critical to testing mobile apps:
• vCat for Mobile includes a multi-flow capability allowing users to define a mobile test scenario that simultaneously emulates multiple user locations, each with its own unique set of virtualized and dynamic mobile network conditions.
• vCat for Mobile can decode HTTP Live Streaming and analyze it as part of vCat’s standard HTTP analysis capabilities, helping deliver more consistent and better performing streaming audio and video.

In addition to its new multi-flow capability, vCat for Mobile provides features designed to make mobile performance testing and analysis easier for organizations:
• A new Analytics Module that can analyze all vCat, vCat for Mobile, Shunra PerformanceSuite, and standard PCAP files generated by other applications.
• Enhanced analytic reports including Resources Breakdown, Endpoint Latencies, and analysis of secure HTTPS communications, including detailing latency for each host and “top-talker” to help validate that tests are routed correctly and all hosts are accounted for.
• Emulation control, packet capture, and statistics with REST-based API and CLI allows for remote operation of vCat for Mobile in a multi-user, shared testing environment.
• Ability to import real-world mobile network profiles captured by Shunra NetworkCatcher or provided by Shunra’s global library of mobile and broadband network conditions.

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