Signal Sciences, the industry’s leading Next Generation Web Application Firewall (NGWAF), today announced integrations with over a dozen leading agile development and technology software companies to help push forward the cooperation between DevOps and security. The new integrating companies include Ansible, Atlassian JIRA Software, Atlassian HipChat, Chef, Datadog, Docker, Heroku, Kubernetes, NGINX Plus, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Pivotal Tracker, Puppet, Slack and VictorOps, allowing customers to add security elements into whatever tool chain provides them the most value.

The collaborations cover a wide range of areas, including messaging and management tools, where teams can be notified in real-time when security events occur, as well as real-time monitoring, project tracking, and security operations data analytics, allowing teams to create actionable security alerts and track them in agile project management systems. Signal Sciences’ NGWAF solution allows for “out of the box” native integrations for engineering teams to add security data into their DevOps toolchain with a single click.

“Development teams are starting to push application updates weekly, daily and sometimes even hourly, and security is typically telling them to slow down. That’s not a solution.” said Andrew Peterson, CEO of Signal Sciences. “The way applications are being delivered and maintained has changed and application security needs to change with it.”

Signal Sciences is also releasing a new whitepaper containing best practices for DevOps teams who are examining the intersection of agile development and security. Topics include everything from a general reference model for DevOps, to a guide on how security can be added into the overarching DevOps culture. To download the report, visit: