Sitecore, the global leader in experience management software, today announced the global launch of its new Sitecore Experience Platform 8 eLearning offering, specifically designed for business users and .NET developers. Starting today, these users can purchase eLearning courses online and start taking them immediately from anywhere in the world.

Sitecore is announcing two eLearning courses:

Sitecore XP 8 Content User Basics for Business Users: This course is for content creators, communications or user experience professionals, and marketers who will create, edit, and design web content on the Sitecore Experience Platform. It also provides an excellent foundation for those who will be using the platform to perform more advanced functions.

Sitecore XP 8 Website Development for .NET Developers: This new course enables developers to gain the knowledge and skills they need to create customized web solutions using the platform. They’ll learn data infrastructure and presentation concepts, work with data and rules, and utilize the Sitecore API. As with all of Sitecore’s developer courses, this eLearning course includes a certification exam that if passed recognizes the student as a Sitecore Certified Developer. Additonal benefits of being a Sitecore Certified Developer include access to downloads of Sitecore and, if also working for a Sitecore partner, complete technical support, including the ability to generate support tickets.

“We have the most sophisticated experience management platform in the industry, and it’s imperative that we provide the necessary training tools to the business user and .NET developer community so they can take full advantage of XP 8,” said Scott Anderson, CMO, Sitecore. “Today’s consumers aren’t sitting still so marketers can’t either. Now, our loyal developer and business communities can help marketers maximize the platform to better deliver a personalized experience to the mobile consumer. By launching these new courses today, our community can get certified to bring context marketing to life for customers in an efficient way globally.”

The Sitecore XP 8 Content User Basics for Business Users eLearning course is priced at US$500, and the Sitecore XP 8 Website Development for .NET Developers eLearning course costs US$1,500 and includes a certification exam voucher.