Skytap, Inc., a popular cloud service for application modernization, is announcing a driver for Docker Machine. The Skytap Driver extends the native functionality of Docker Machine to Skytap Cloud. With this new feature, enterprises can safely modernize traditional on-premises application architectures to container architectures within Skytap Cloud, without impacting any currently in-use environments.

Enterprises are in the evaluation stage of adopting container technologies while concurrently trying to modernize traditional applications. “Some legacy vendors experiment with running their applications in containers. Elsewhere, enterprise software architects increasingly turn their attention to breaking monolithic legacy apps into their constituent parts, each running in scalable, portable containers,” wrote Paul Miller, senior analyst serving CIOs at Forrester, in a May 2016 brief titled, “Brief: Why The CIO Must Care About Containers.”

The new Skytap Driver enables application teams to begin containerizing their existing applications while avoiding the need to rearchitect the full application from scratch.

The Skytap Driver for Docker Machine enables application teams to remotely:

  • Provision Docker hosts using a standard or custom virtual machine (VM) Skytap template into a new or existing Skytap environment.
  • Control the VM machine state of the Docker host running within a Skytap environment.
  • Manage the Docker host running within Skytap.

“Unlike other cloud providers that require enterprises to rearchitect or build apps from the ground up, we enable application teams to incrementally evolve traditional enterprise applications to modern microservices architectures,” said Brian White, VP of products, Skytap. “With the Skytap Driver for Docker Machine, we’re providing a seamless experience for using Skytap Cloud within the Docker toolchain.”

The Skytap Driver for Docker Machine is now generally available and provided free to Skytap customers via the Apache License, version 2.0. Download the new Skytap Driver for Docker Machine here:, and learn how to use it by viewing this three-minute demo:

Skytap is hosting a complimentary reception on Tues., Jun. 21, from 4:30-7:00 p.m. at the Tap House Grill near the upcomingDockerCon in Seattle. There will be networking followed by an expert panel discussing the topic “Containerization: Moving Beyond the Buzz.” Please register here to join: