SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, announced a partnership with one of the leading software testing companies, PFLB, a provider of solutions for test automation and performance testing for enterprises across North America and Russia. Both of these software quality management markets have been experiencing rapid growth, and in order to satisfy customer demands, SmartBear is working with PFLB to deliver its testing and quality assurance solutions.

“We are delighted to be working closely with PFLB to distribute SmartBear’s software testing and quality assurance solutions,” said Eric Sargent, Vice President, Sales Operations at SmartBear. “The company has experienced rapid growth across multiple industries, including finance, insurance, telecom, retail, e-commerce and software engineering, and we expect their success to continue as they become a leading provider for SmartBear.”

SmartBear’s API Readiness platform, Ready! API, is a unified set of testing tools that includes SoapUI NG for functional testing, LoadUI NG Pro for load testing, ServiceV Pro for API service virtualization and Secure Pro for dynamic API security testing. For more information, visit: For updates, follow @ready_api on Twitter.

One of the world’s most recognized automated testing tools and winner of four Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Awards since 2010, SmartBear’s TestComplete empowers any tester, both novice and advanced, to create, manage and run automated tests for any desktop, Web and mobile application. For the latest updates on TestComplete, follow @TestComplete on Twitter. For more information, visit:

For more information on PFLB, visit: