SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, announced today the release of SoapUI 5.2 Open Source which includes integration to AlertSite UXM and support for Internet-of-Things (IoT) messaging format MQTT. Integration with these tools provides developers and testers the industry’s easiest way to test and monitor APIs and IoT devices.

API Monitoring in AlertSite gives teams the visibility into the performance characteristics and problems in their APIs, an increasingly crucial layer of technology to deliver great digital products and services. The new AlertSite Connector for SoapUI dramatically simplifies the process of syncing an API test created in the free open source version of SoapUI with the AlertSite UXM SaaS-based monitoring network. Combining API testing in SoapUI and API monitoring in AlertSite, software teams now have access to the best and easiest-to-use end-to-end API quality improvement solution. Both SoapUI Open Source and AlertSite are free for teams to use today.

Additionally, teams building IoT devices that use MQTT, a messaging protocol for low-power devices, can now use SoapUI to test the communications between both those devices and their APIs within a single testing framework. As more IoT products appear on the market, the increase of connected devices and compatible services demands more detailed functional and integration testing than ever before. Only tools built for the enterprise with an ecosystem and community behind them help to unify the testing approach that software teams employ. SoapUI with MQTT support signifies a leap in validation and capability for the IoT industry, and teams can now deliver high quality digital experiences that combine IoT devices and services with the same trusted approach used to deliver APIs.

Other improvements in this release of SoapUI 5.2 Open Source include support for Swagger 2.0 and improvements for REST based JSON messaging patterns. Using technologies that are native citizens of the modern Web platform, API teams can deliver more comprehensive testing in SoapUI than ever before. For more information on SoapUI 5.2 Open Source, visit: On Twitter, follow @soapui.

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