SnapLogic, an industry leader in enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS), and 3scale, the leading API Management Platform, today announced a strategic partnership that aims at simplifying the development, publication and execution of any integration process. Under the terms of the partnership, the two companies have certified their respective platforms to interoperate seamlessly together, making it easy for application and data integration experts to expose SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration Platform dataflow pipelines as web APIs. These APIs, compliant with the REST architectural style, can be invoked by any authorized user, application, web backend or mobile app through a simple and standardized HTTP call in order to trigger the execution of the SnapLogic pipeline.

SnapLogic’s unified integration platform as a service (iPaaS) allows citizen integrators and developers to easily author multi-point integration pipelines that connect cloud and on-premise applications as well as disparate enterprise data sources for big data analytics and expose them as RESTful APIs. Once these pipelines are built, they can be released to developers through 3scale’s API Management Platform, accelerating the development and dissemination of public and private APIs.

3scale’s distributed architecture and self-serve platform offer flexibility, performance and ability to scale. Powerful API access, policy and traffic controls make it simple to authenticate traffic, restrict by policy, protect backend services, impose rate limits and create access tiers. API documentation is friendly, interactive, intuitive, and clear with 3scale ActiveDocs, based on the Swagger Framework. Built-in analytics help API owners understand and control their traffic, identify the most active users, applications and methods and can help pinpoint traffic patterns.

“3scale shares our modern standards approach to application and data integration with a no-compromise, highly scalable API management platform,” said Jack Kudale, vice president of field operations at SnapLogic. “This partnership expands the enterprise integration possibilities for our joint solutions and allows us to deliver greater value to our customers.”

“Making it easy to share digital assets is at the core of what we do,” said Manfred Bortenschlager, API Market Development Director at 3scale. “Being able to offer our customers this seamless way to expose their data and application and integration pipelines as RESTful APIs is another way to make that happen.”