SOA Software, an API Management and Cloud Integration leader that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation by securely extending their reach across multiple channels, today introduced EnVision, an API analytics platform that leverages MongoDB as its data store. With SOA Software EnVision, enterprises obtain critical information about interactions occurring across their digital eco-systems, understand their customers and partners, and gain the ability to offer value-added personalized services. Customers can derive insights and understand key drivers that affect their businesses and take actions to further optimize and achieve growth.

“As enterprises embrace mobile-first and digital initiatives, capturing insights from interactions between the backend applications and the various customer touch-points has become critical for businesses,” said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software. “SOA Software EnVision allows businesses to gain intelligent insights by collecting, introspecting and correlating data and interactions across these digital eco-systems and understanding the impact of specific actions or events.”

SOA Software EnVision is an integrated, out-of-the-box analytics platform built to address the needs of digital businesses.  It was designed as an analytics platform for the SOA Software API Management solution, providing integrated analytics for the business and operational aspects of APIs. EnVision is also a general-purpose, extensible, and configurable analytics platform that can be leveraged to perform complex custom analytics or integrate with an existing analytics platform to reduce infrastructure redundancy. EnVision builds on SOA Software API Management solution’s existing analytics capabilities and targets enterprises that require advanced analytics and insights around their APIs.

EnVision’s core capabilities consist of business analytics to track product, customer and monetization trends. EnVision analytics can also identify new opportunities and improve business models.  API Analytics performed by EnVision help identify top APIs by usage, monetization, app type, platform, or channel.  With EnVision, API owners can analyze API licenses and their respective usage in order to fine tune developer and partner onboarding.  From an operational perspective, EnVision allows IT professionals to analyze how their infrastructure responds to requests from different devices, locations and request types. It allows enterprises to manage quality-of-service of their APIs, oversee quota usage and troubleshoot and react to problems before they can adversely impact their business.

Highlights of SOA Software EnVision platform include:

  • Big Data analytics platform leveraging MongoDB as the default store.
  • Dozens of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.
  • Policy-based data collection to ensure regulatory and security compliance.
  • Import data from any external sources.
  • Enrich data using Map Reduce, R Analytics and custom plug-ins.
  • Export to any external analytics tools for further analysis.

For more information about SOA Software EnVision, click here.