SOASTA, the leader in cloud and mobile performance, today announced mPulse, the first and only RUM data analysis solution to deliver real-time information based on actual mobile user behavior. Previous tools failed to capture the real mobile user experience and collected data about the past, not the present. mPulse instantly delivers actionable intelligence to operations and marketing professionals.

mPulse captures performance metrics such as bandwidth and page load time as well as engagement metrics like bounce, exit and conversion rates. Mobile user metrics like user location, device type, carrier speed, and application usage complete the total perspective. mPulse presents actionable views via the industry’s first interactive in-memory monitoring dashboard. Users are provided a second-by-second view of real user activity broken down by continent, region, country or city. Business, development, test and operations teams gain the real user intelligence needed to correlate the impact of performance on the bottom line, take immediate action as needed, and feed critical information back into the development lifecycle.
“We created mPulse because traditional solutions don’t provide the detailed, real-time analytics required to deliver actionable intelligence that includes mobile user activity,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA’s CEO.  “Technical professionals and business managers need a comprehensive solution to test, monitor and measure real user behavior to ensure customers get the most out of their app or site – whether it’s mobile, on the web, or both. With mPulse, operations managers and business leaders collaborate with a common view of user behavior, empowering them to make informed decisions, pinpoint areas needing improvement and take the necessary steps to improve their web and mobile applications.”

mPulse Features
• Real-Time Activity – SOASTA’s patented analytics give you the insight to react before your users do. Using the power of the cloud, information is delivered within seconds, in real-time. You’ve never been closer to the event than now.
• Real User Measurement – Measurement of real user experience of your site, native or hybrid mobile application is at the core of mPulse. Using the latest in RUM for both mobile and web applications, you are quickly provided with the richest data set imaginable.
• Compelling Data Visualization – Whether you’re Dev/Ops/Marketing or Finance, you need tools and dashboards that are intuitive. Using WebGL libraries and other powerful data visualization sources, mPulse redefines the traditional dashboard.
• Powerful Role-Based Alerting – The ability to customize alerts based on the dimensions you choose is critical. Whether it’s an increase in users bounce rate or falling mobile downloads, with mPulse you get immediate alerts with no false positives.
• Total View – Building on SOASTA’s proven ability to integrate with other services and offerings, mPulse gives you the ability to see what is happening from the real mobile device through the data center. Knowing that different monitoring solutions are preferred in different situations, mPulse works with your solution of choice to provide a holistic view of the user experience.

With the acquisition of LogNormal (see release SOASTA Acquires Real User Measurement Company), SOASTA is now providing a free version of mPulse when you register at  Join LogNormal co-founders Buddy Brewer and Philip Tellis at their Velocity Europe Conference presentation “The 3.5s Dash for Attention and Other Stuff we Found in RUM” on Wednesday, October 3 at 11:20 AM GMT.